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How to Make Lemonade when the Economy Gives You Lemons

So, the economy’s down the toilet. Job opportunities have dried up, no one’s hiring. Now’s the time to start thinking outside the box. Who says the only way to make a living is working for someone else, punching a time clock for 8 hours a day. Your career punching out widgets by the thousands may be over. Maybe the gismo’s you produced are no longer relevant, now what? Is it time to hit the old rocking chair and feel sorry for yourself? I don’t think so!

This is the time to dig deep and find out what other skills or talents you might have hiding deep within you. Throughout my life I’ve run into a number of people who struck out on their own, starting from scratch using only their own talent as a grub stake. It took time, it took effort, in the end they where successful and provided security for their families and a future that they controlled.

Economy gives you lemons

Owen Christensen:

His roots take him back to larger construction projects in the 60’s. Over the past 35 years he’s built up a business constructing screen houses, sheds, and even sauna’s. His niche is the high quality materials and superb strength of his buildings. My own Mother purchased a screen house constructed by his small company and today some 20 years later it stands as strong and good looking as the day it was built. Now the business “Duluth Sheds” will carry on through the hands of his daughter and her family. Passing on a successful enterprise to the next generation, something every businessman aspires to do.

John Gage:

In the early 80’s we worked together at Reserve Mining in Silver Bay MN. The economy tanked, demand for steel dropped, and the mine closed. That was the last of John’s work for corporate America. He’s a chainsaw artist, having built a cliental that covers most of the Midwest. After 27 years of success he is bringing his grandson into the business.

Curtis Carper:

Yes, that’s me. Throughout my life I’ve held some very good positions working for other people. Once I reached 45 the decision was made to go different directions and over the next 15 years I worked a variety of lesser paying jobs. Supplemental income became necessary, but I only have mediocre construction skills. Artistic talents? Nope, that was so far outside my realm I couldn’t even remotely consider such a route. What could I do that required zero start-up investment. Sure I have a hammer and saw, I even own a chainsaw, neither was going to do me any good. All I had was a computer and more than a year of typing class taken some 45 years ago. I never excelled in English class, something that may be obvious with my often numerous misspelling and grammar faux pas errors.

I always did enjoy telling a good story, I became a writer of sorts. Whether I’m any good at it is your decision. None the less it has provided a good solid second income for me.

The whole point to this monolog is everyone has a talent, it just takes close examination to figure out what that talent is. It may take some long term thinking outside the box, it may even take some false starts. Don’t expect to replace a 6 figure income over night, it may take years to slowly build on a very small part time effort. Don’t go signing up for some get rich quick scheme, think small but steady. You may be throughly surprised how far you can take something you may only consider a hobby. I know I sure was. Visit this page to read about Wyoming Secretary of State.