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How Can You Promote Your Online Business?

Promoting an online business can be very tricky and highly competitive, but at the same time it can be done successfully through the effective use of technology. Here are some pointers regarding how to put your idea to work with a step-by-step approach:

Before setting up the business :

1. First of all, I hope you have done your research and started a business that shows some promise. If you’re trying to sell the same products as thousands of others, you’re destined to fail. Try to come up with a business that will be offer a unique concept.

2. You can have goods or services to sell. You can also just do on-line consultancy.

Once the business is up and running :

1. Ensure search engine optimization by doing the following :

a) You can launch on-line marketing campaign with the help f other companies; e.g., link sharing or back-linking. Back-links are incoming links to a website or web page. This can be used as a tool to determine the site’s popularity.

b) You can subscribe to “rank check service” to determine the ranking of your page for the search engine. Once in a while you can change the key word to see how your rankings get altered and then stick with the one that yields the best result.

c) You know that “main phrase” or “key word” is of prime importance to ensure high ranking when you use the search engines. Some companies (even Google and Yahoo) offer a service to help out small businesses to optimize search engine exposure.

Alternate advertisement strategies :

1. Become a member of multiple on-line forums and publicize your business.

2. You can create your own blog and have people visit your on-line store through a link. Here, you can earn some extra money by using Google AdSense or ClickBank links.

3. I’m assuming you do not have a big budget in the beginning. Otherwise, you can advertise using the search engines or as an AdSense or ClickBank advertiser.

4. With a small budget you can still advertise at the PTC (Paid to Click) sites; e.g., at you can get every 100 clicks for $3.40 or at you can do the same for $2.99 and so on.

5. You can purchase guaranteed traffic hits to your site by paying a nominal fee. Of course, the cost will depend on the specific package that you’re looking at. An example of such site is

6. I have seen people list one of their unique items on “eBay” and then do the subsequent correspondence through email or through a link to drive the traffic to their on-line store. By the way, eBay also provides on-line store option with a small monthly fee.

7. You can always place the link for your on-line store at the end of every email correspondence. You can use programs to perform target emailing without actually sending out “Spams”.

8. You can contact the local papers to start small and insert fliers.

9. You can do the same at local stores, provided you got the permission from the store owners.

10. You can contact companies that can provide you with mailing addresses based on geographical locations. You can explore that if the success of your business depends on such area specific response.

doing business in Colorado

After you have drawn the traffic to your site :

1. Once you have attracted the potential buyers, you need to be able to deliver. Otherwise, your site will get visited once and that will be it! Like any other business, your on-line business has to generate an appeal, a sense of connection with its customer base. You have to prepare a very nicely oriented home page to show why your product is unique.

2. The site must be easy to navigate. The links should be placed in sequence so that it mimics the virtual shopping experience where people get interested, check it out, compare the different categories and prices to make the decision.

3. Once the decision for purchase is done, you need to provide a check out page. You can insert a “Google check out box” or a “PayPal Pay Now” button, followed by a “Thank you” page. This will add some authenticity to the site, though you will have to pay Google and PayPal their share. You can, however, cover that cost again by inserting Google AdSense ads.

4. Absolutely, do not forget to include a clear-cut return policy. You have to assure the buyers that you are willing to assume the responsibility to replace an item if needed.

5. Also, provide an actual business address and a customer service number and/or email address. Buyers like to see that they can get their concerns addressed should it come to that. They should also know if have registered your LLC in Colorado.

6. Do not forget to mention on the web site the actual business hours, what would be the anticipated wait time to get a response via email, what would be the hours for customer service via phone, etc.

7. You need to secure a domain name, so that you have several email accounts available to do business correspondences. Make sure the amount of data transfer capability is high. For that you may have to get a package with higher cost. Otherwise, after only a few visitors your site will become unavailable for a few hours. The graphics and overall design can be important in this regard, since that directly affects the amount of data transfer with each click.

Now, you’re all set to do business !

Shop Locally to Help Small Businesses Stay Afloat During the Recession

Lately I am seeing a lot of buildings with signs that say “Space for Rent.” Local businesses are going out of business at an alarming rate. The recession has Americans tightening their grips on their wallets. Everyone is cutting back on shopping and that is great, it is a time for saving. However, if you do need to shop, try shopping in small, local businesses to help them out during this difficult time.

I would much rather shop Main Street in any town than brave the mall. I abhor crowds surging through the mall, the bright lights, and the air of materialism. I am proud to say I have not set foot in a mall in many years. Most towns have a plethora of interesting shops on Main Street (or whatever the shopping street is called there) for fashion, art, crafts, books, hardware, and anything else you need.

I avoid Kmart and the other big box stores and buy my supplies at local stores. It is nice to think that my essentials such as dish soap and so on are purchased somewhere that may help a family keep a business strong. Read another article about forming a Wyoming company.

There are many occasions where one needs to shop even in this tough economy. When you do shop why not do a “good deed” and support local businesses?


If you need a wedding present for someone go to a local crafts store and find some unique handmade pillows, pottery, art or photography. Or find a lovely crystal vase at the local Irish store or any décor store.

If you are the bride find your gown at a local shop. Right now the bridal shop in my town has a big, poufy strapless wedding gown in the window. Walking down the street it gives one a blast of fashion to see what kind of lovely gown is in the window of the bridal shop.

Shop locally to help small businesses

Get your flowers from an independent florist. Support your local florist and get the best personal attention to boot. Local florists are more hands on with their customers than large, national florists. Obtaining flowers from a local florist for a wedding or event is always a wonderful experience and builds a relationship with the florist that may last for decades. If you’re thinking starting an online business, click here to find the guidelines.

Birthday Gifts

Even the local hardware store has some great birthday gifts. If it is summer time the hardware store will probably have some cute outdoor wear and colorful fashion items. My local hardware store does. I have some summer flip flops from my local hardware store that people always comment on. They are unique and fun. One black pair with some bling on the straps elicits comments from total strangers!

Hardware stores also sell things like savings books (little notebook with individual pockets to save for different goals.). These books are a fun birthday gift to encourage the wee ones to save their money.

There are a myriad of unique gift ideas in any local hardware store. For example, gardening tools and flower bulbs, posters, beach supplies, frames for art, decorative items, and many other fun items.


Have a shopping adventure at a small grocery store in town. These shops often offer unique goods at prices that often beat the prices at large super markets. It is fun to browse small grocery stores and find ingredients that are new to you. I find the big box grocery stores too bright and sterile at times; I love the mellow experience of shopping in a “Mom and Pop” grocery store every now and then and getting to know the business owner.

Support local businesses in your area. Shopping locally is also a great way to network. You get to know members of the town and build loyalty and friendships by giving your business to the local shops.

How Networking Changed My Local Economy

A few years ago my partners and I decided to move the headquarters for our marketing company from a large city in the Midwest to a much smaller city in the Southwest. We wanted to be closer to the technology that is the backbone of our industry. Once we had our physical office established we quickly moved to introducing our small business to the local community by participating in established networking functions and creating one that was open to everyone. Some amazing developments followed that benefited many people.

Once of the areas of controversy when we arrived was around the lack of activity at the county fairgrounds smack dab in the middle of our city. It was costing money to maintain and not generating enough revenue to make it viable. At one of the networking events we hosted, we had the opportunity to introduce two young men with an idea for events that would resurrect the fairgrounds to a member of the County Fair Board.

In their presentation the entrepreneurs showed all of us how they could build a track for competitive “dirt” events and offer it as a venue for organizations running these types of programs. The good news was their explanation of how it would generate millions of dollars for the fairgrounds, support services and taxes for the city. It would bring in new business and create jobs. This was good for everyone.

Networking changed local economy

The Fair Board member took the concept to the City Council and helped get it approved. Within a few short months the fairgrounds attracted bigger crowds than it has in years. Kingman Racing turned it into a venue for generating cash income, created jobs, increased tourist traffic to the area and introduced activities for youth in the city that previously had limited options.

You may wonder why one business owner would take the time to help out another entrepreneur. Here is the point – when one small business becomes successful, many others are affected. In the example of the fairgrounds, the local hotels, gas stations, restaurants, bike shops and other retail merchants experienced an increase in sales during an event. The city got to add more sales tax money to its coffers.

As local merchants become more prosperous they, as well as their employees have more money to spend in the local grocery stores, clothing stores, book stores and entertainment. Businesses can inject more cash into promoting their products and this helps marketing firms like mine. The moral of this story is always be willing to help your neighbors achieve success. Click here to read another interesting story about Wyoming Secretary of State.

A Guide to the Canadian Entrepreneur Visa Program

If you would like to move to Canada to live permanently and do not want to work but have money you can invest in starting a business in Canada, you might qualify for immigration under the Canadian Entrepreneur Visa program. The Canadian Entrepreneur Visa is technically a business visa and is part of the Canadian Entrepreneur Immigrant Programme and the Canadian Business Immigration Programme. The Canadian Entrepreneur Visa program is designed to attract people that want to move to Canada to live on a permanent basis that have attractive business skills and business experience. The Canadian government sees the Canadian Entrepreneur Visa program as a way to strengthen the Canadian economy. Click here to read another interesting article about starting a business in a down economy.

The Canadian Entrepreneur Visa program provides the qualifying applicant permanent residence in Canada. This means that once you are approved for the Canadian Entrepreneur Visa program you can come to Canada straight away with no need for a specific job offer. By having the Canadian Entrepreneur Visa you are also able to apply for Canadian citizenship after only 3 years of being a permanent resident. Remember that you are automatically granted permanent residence status when approved for this program.

Canadian entrepreneur visa program

To qualify for the Canadian Entrepreneur Visa program, you should be prepared to offer proof that you possess at least two years of business experience. You will also need to provide proof having a net worth of $300,000 CDN (that is in Canadian dollars.). If you are curious of what your current net worth is in Canadian dollars, you can check it out on currency exchange site Since the purpose of this visa is to attract immigrants that will start businesses and create more jobs in Canada, you must commit to managing and owning at least a third of a business for a minimum of one year. In addition to that requirement, the business must also create at least one job that a Canadian resident or citizen can fill.

Like the Canadian skilled worker visa, the Canadian Entrepreneur Visa program relies upon a point based skills assessment to find qualified candidates. The assessment asks questions about and ranks the applicant on business experience, educational background, language proficiency, age and more. The minimum pass mark is 35 points. By having a master’s degree or PhD you get 25 points, which means you only need 10 more to qualify for the Canadian Entrepreneur Visa program.

You can bring your spouse to Canada with the Canadian Entrepreneur Visa program. You can also bring unmarried children under the age of 22 as dependents. Read another article about WY limited liability company by clicking here.

Unemployed? Alternatives to Finding a New Job in a Bad Economy

A few years ago, when the economy began to decline, the only reason I didn’t lose my job is because my primary occupation is parenting my seven-year-old-with some unpublished fiction-writing on the side. No risk of getting fired from either of those jobs. My husband, however, a salesman in the heavy equipment industry, saw his commissions, our primary income, begin to shrink. I looked for a temporary office job to increase our income, but in this recession, none were available.

We certainly aren’t the only ones struggling. Similar stories feed our daily news: lifetime employees laid off to cut budgets; new graduates flooding an already sparse job market. Finding traditional employment is uncertain in these times, and some job-seekers have begun to choose alternatives that are even riskier.

Starting a Business

According to U.S. News & World Report, certain reductions in startup costs caused by the declining economy may be beneficial to entrepreneurs. Employees may be willing to work for lower salaries. Suppliers may offer discounts. Rents may be cheaper.

The disadvantages, of course, are that every risk associated with starting a business is intensified in a bad economy. Half of all small businesses fail within the first five years, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. Entrepreneurs must work longer hours, and sometimes don’t see a profit for many months, even years.

Working Freelance

Freelancing, or working as an independent contractor, is an option for professionals who prefer the flexibility of creating their own schedules and work environments-and who can accommodate the instability of irregular assignments, intermittent payments, and complete lack of company-provided benefits.

Some unemployed professionals are taking matters into their own hands and working for independent hire. According to The New York Times, businesses who have had to lay off employees are turning to more affordable freelancers to complete projects., a website where freelance professionals can connect with businesses offering contracts, reported a 63% increase in the number of contract jobs posted between 2007 and 2008.

Finding new job in bad economy

If businesses are offering more freelance projects, then a self-employed professional could make a good living without attaching to one company. However, freelancers face fierce competition for contracts. Also according to The New York Times, when businesses are forced to make budget cuts, they will hold on to full-time staff and reduce freelance contracts first.

Continuing Education

Sprinkling the news these days are interviews with recent college graduates who have given up on finding a job and have decided instead to go to graduate school. Mel Gerrets III, a student at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama, told The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, “I pretty much told myself, ‘If I don’t find a job by August, I’m going to go to graduate school.'”

Two-year institutions, community colleges and technical colleges, have also seen increased enrollments. The lower cost of these schools, together with the types of training they offer-marketable skills that are usually still in demand during a recession, like nursing-attract laid-off workers looking for a new career. Click here to find information about doing business in Wyoming.

Choosing school to avoid unemployment may seem like putting off the inevitable, but if the economy were to improve, it may be worth emerging two years later with a marketable degree. Of course, borrowing money to possibly improve one’s employability is an uncertain investment. And, as with every other business, colleges face budget cuts and may have to cut programs and scholarships.

My husband and I chose not one of these alternatives, but collectively all three. He left his sales job to return to school and switch to a career he has long wanted to enter: golf course management. The risk paid off for him. He found a job within a month of completing his new degree.

I began writing web content in addition to fiction, and though I don’t have an office or a business plan or employees, I consider myself to have started a small business with my freelance writing. I’m no longer writing just for creativity’s sake, but for financial gain.

These choices are risky, but it’s because of the risk that they are attractive. Risking financial security at a time when almost everyone is risking financial security seems not as desperate or terrifying-or lonely.

The bottom line? For those who have harbored a dream of owning their own business, working for themselves, or going back to school, now is the time to go for it. However, if you are unemployed and considering one of these alternatives to finding another job, make sure you’re not just playing a “beat the economy” game, but choosing to realizing a dream for which you may otherwise have never given yourself permission to pursue.


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How to Make Lemonade when the Economy Gives You Lemons

So, the economy’s down the toilet. Job opportunities have dried up, no one’s hiring. Now’s the time to start thinking outside the box. Who says the only way to make a living is working for someone else, punching a time clock for 8 hours a day. Your career punching out widgets by the thousands may be over. Maybe the gismo’s you produced are no longer relevant, now what? Is it time to hit the old rocking chair and feel sorry for yourself? I don’t think so!

This is the time to dig deep and find out what other skills or talents you might have hiding deep within you. Throughout my life I’ve run into a number of people who struck out on their own, starting from scratch using only their own talent as a grub stake. It took time, it took effort, in the end they where successful and provided security for their families and a future that they controlled.

Economy gives you lemons

Owen Christensen:

His roots take him back to larger construction projects in the 60’s. Over the past 35 years he’s built up a business constructing screen houses, sheds, and even sauna’s. His niche is the high quality materials and superb strength of his buildings. My own Mother purchased a screen house constructed by his small company and today some 20 years later it stands as strong and good looking as the day it was built. Now the business “Duluth Sheds” will carry on through the hands of his daughter and her family. Passing on a successful enterprise to the next generation, something every businessman aspires to do.

John Gage:

In the early 80’s we worked together at Reserve Mining in Silver Bay MN. The economy tanked, demand for steel dropped, and the mine closed. That was the last of John’s work for corporate America. He’s a chainsaw artist, having built a cliental that covers most of the Midwest. After 27 years of success he is bringing his grandson into the business.

Curtis Carper:

Yes, that’s me. Throughout my life I’ve held some very good positions working for other people. Once I reached 45 the decision was made to go different directions and over the next 15 years I worked a variety of lesser paying jobs. Supplemental income became necessary, but I only have mediocre construction skills. Artistic talents? Nope, that was so far outside my realm I couldn’t even remotely consider such a route. What could I do that required zero start-up investment. Sure I have a hammer and saw, I even own a chainsaw, neither was going to do me any good. All I had was a computer and more than a year of typing class taken some 45 years ago. I never excelled in English class, something that may be obvious with my often numerous misspelling and grammar faux pas errors.

I always did enjoy telling a good story, I became a writer of sorts. Whether I’m any good at it is your decision. None the less it has provided a good solid second income for me.

The whole point to this monolog is everyone has a talent, it just takes close examination to figure out what that talent is. It may take some long term thinking outside the box, it may even take some false starts. Don’t expect to replace a 6 figure income over night, it may take years to slowly build on a very small part time effort. Don’t go signing up for some get rich quick scheme, think small but steady. You may be throughly surprised how far you can take something you may only consider a hobby. I know I sure was. Visit this page to read about Wyoming Secretary of State.

Will You Join My Pyramid Scheme?

Unemployment has reached levels not seen in decades. In this troubled economy, more people may be susceptible to the lure of a scheme to earn some fast money. As a financially savvy bookkeeper with a business degree, I never suspected I could be at risk. Learn the hallmarks of a classic get rich quick scheme from my close call.

The Harmless Introduction

Many get rich quick schemes come cleverly disguised. An innocent inquiry on a related topic might bring a flock of vultures to your door.

Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad ignited my curiosity about his game Cashflow 101. Browsing Craigslist for an unrelated query, I found an individual offering the opportunity to play Cashflow 101 in a small group. “What’s the catch?” I emailed. The response, “No catch, we’re just people learning how to get ahead.”

Breaking Down Resistance

Just as an experienced angler plays a fish on the line, the recruiter for a get rich quick scheme wears down any reluctance. The recruiter needs to earn your trust and become your friend. It’s always harder to turn down someone you know.

Cynicism in hand, my husband and I ventured to a stranger’s home. Our hosts were personable and enthusiastic, people who might have become friends. They offered drinks and snacks, while keeping the conversation moving. Others joined us that night, but we were identified as the best prospect. Their gentle invitation would have been hard to deflect. “We’re part of a real estate investors group; can you join us some evening?”

Pyramid scheme

Offers of Prestige

Once you’ve expressed any interest in the get rich quick scheme, the selling begins. You may meet important people in the scheme, or you may be considered a member to an exclusive club.

As I walked into the Holiday Inn, I spotted my connection at the registration desk. She indicated my arrival to her husband, and he shepherded me into the meeting room. Glancing about, I noted people of varying race and class. My guide snagged one of the leaders to introduce me. The leader inquired, “Is this your first experience with New Money?” The usual connotation of the phrase tripped me up, but I composed myself as I realized this was the group name.

The Draw

The promoters of a get rich quick scheme want you hanging on to their every word. The salesperson will try to represent what you want to become.

Another person called the session to order, and the sales pitch began. An attractive young woman recited her story to the group. She assured the group that her success was within their reach as well. I sat quietly, mesmerized by the cheap quality of her suit. I too could afford polyester.

The Hard Sell

The get rich quick scheme is pushed in earnest. More success stories are displayed, and facts and figures get tossed around and rarely substantiated. You can begin to tell who is hooked at this point, hopefully not you.

Youthful and handsome, the key speaker worked the room, throwing out questions. He built up asking, “Who owns investment real estate,” and “Who wants to own investment real estate?” An older Hispanic woman ruined his punch line. He joked “Who here can’t even spell real estate?” Her hand tentatively rose. His astonished look had her on her feet, indignantly lighting into him for criticizing the people in that room. It was a heartbreaking moment.

One Last Chance

If you escape unscathed from the get rich quick sales presentation, expect continued pursuit from your original recruiter. He may have the greatest need for your investment. Only you can help him build his own multi-level marketing empire.

I attempted a discreet exit. I was unsuccessful. My contact caught up to me outside. She pleaded with me to give the program a chance to work, even exempting me from the recruitment of additional prospects. I could simply buy the educational products and pursue my destiny as a wealthy real estate investor. I thanked her and turned away from the glittering promise of getting rich quick. Click here to read about Wyoming LLC.